Physical Therapy

Damany Center Physical Therapy is different than any other Physical Therapy office in the Lehigh Valley. We offer one-on-one hands on physical therapy. You will have a Physical Therapist to yourself for the entire session. Whether you have a 60 minute, 90 minute or a 2 hour appointment…. you will never be left alone the entire time. It is not like the traditional Physical Therapy offices… you will never ever be put on a machine and left alone. As a matter of fact, we don’t even have any of those machines in our facility.

Instead of machines like a traditional physical therapy office we do manual therapy. And, not just any massage…. it is Suparna Damany’s own manual treatment techniques. Suparna is a World Renowned Physical Therapist… and Lehigh Valley is lucky to have her located right in Allentown, PA. She is the Founder of the Damany Center and all the Therapists working at the Damany Center are trained by her in the Damany Integrative Dynamic Approach.

Damany Center Physical Therapy Specializes in the Treatment of

  • Chronic Musculoskeletal
  • Pain RSI
  • Neuritis & Neuralgia Migraines
  • Cervicogenic Headaches
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neck Pain
  • Low Back Pain
  • TMJ
  • Orthopedic and Sports Injuries
  • Balance Training / Fall Prevention
  • Foot and Ankle Injuries
  • Hand Injuries

We use a unique approach developed by the founder, Suparna Damany. The program is called the Damany Integrative Dynamic Approach, and consists of several innovative techniques targeting the several body systems that get involved with pain syndromes.

The DC Program: The Damany Integrative Dynamic Approach

What is the difference between this physical therapy approach and other treatments?

There are many ways in which this program is different:

  1. Causative v/s symptomatic: Our goal is not to just treat the symptoms but to target and eliminate the cause(s) for them. With pain syndromes, there are usually multiple causes and unless all of them are addressed, the relief is simply a “band-aid” fix.
  2. Integrative v/s focused: Our approach is holistic, and we assess your injuries to identify all areas involved to develop a comprehensive program addressing the complete range of dysfunction.
  3. Dynamic v/s protocol-ed: The program changes as your body changes. We don’t box you into a protocol; we understand that each individual body compensates for injury in its own way, and that several factors are responsible for this. As your body unravels the compensatory patterns during the healing process, our treatments change to adapt and urge the body into the next stage of healing.
  4. Long-term v/s short term: When you heal, you’ll be taught techniques to maintain your health and prevent injuries- this will include activity re-training (day-to-day movements, work, hobbies, sports).
  5. Resolution v/s Management: At DC, we guide the body to healing, holistically. Our goal is to make you and keep you asymptomatic, not to teach you to manage your symptoms with external aids and activity modification.

What to expect:

You can expect a comfortable, friendly and professional ambiance. When you first come in, you’ll get an assessment for your needs. All our treatments sessions are one-on-one and hands-on. You’ll get a clear list of to-do’s and don’ts through the program, and the program will be frequently modified to suit your specific needs and goals. Simply, you can expect to feel hope, confidence in your recovery, have a clear path to follow, see results, and leave to get back to life and full function with a great program to follow, and a few new friends.

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