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Therapeutic JuiceA couple of months ago I wrote a blog post about my great success with the Damany Center TheraJuice progam after 30 days.    I absolutely love the TheraJuice Program and months later I am still enjoying my juices 5 days a week.  My skin is glowing, I feel great and not only am I keeping the weight off, but I have become quite fit.

Well, apparently I am not the only one that Is not only loving the juice, but benefiting  with greater health, well-being and no pain.  Check out the following testimonial from Beth.  She writes this a little over a month into being on our TheraJuice Program…

I have been drinking your juices for 4 – 5 weeks now.  I have been on Meloxicam, arthritis medicine, daily for 5 years.  Last week and this week I noticed my hands have felt so much better.  I have not taken a pill for 5 days.  My hands feel so much better!!  My blood sugar has also gone down, significantly.  I need to be very careful with this, because of injecting insulin.  But, with someone with Type 2 Diabetes, these juices could be a Godsend.  I also believe the juices have helped with my weight loss.  Thank you for your help.   Beth.


Now, understand…. I am not telling anyone to go off their medication that their doctor has prescribed.  But, for Beth her juices are doing exactly what we knew they should do.  Our juices are designed with your goals in mind.  In Beth’s case her goal was less pain and inflammation caused by Arthritis and she wanted to lose a little weight.  And about a month later she began reaching those goals.  She lost 5 pounds in the first month and 2 weeks into her second month she has lost a couple more pounds already….. and no more pain.  We are so happy for you Beth!!

Give us a call at the Damany Center to find out how we can help you reach your Health & Wellness Goals.  610-351-9355.

Shana Albert