Work Injury Management / We can help your company prevent and mitigate work injuries and boost productivity

Work Injury Management

Specialized Hands-on Physical Therapy for Work Related Injuries

Work Injury Care

Our Specialty:

Treatment of Chronic Injuries and Repetitive Stress Syndrome

Our Claim To Fame:

We treat sufferers from all over the world due to our success where other healthcare approaches have failed.  We also have several injury prevention programs that are being uses by companies worldwide.

Why Do We Succeed?

We have our own brand of treatment as well as injury prevention approach, developed after 20 years of experience and research.

Our Services:

Physical Therapy – The Damany Integrative Dynamic Approach

Ayurvedic Hydrotherapy

Injury Prevention Training

Musculoskeletal Nutrition Support

Ergonomics Training

Stretch Sessions

IOS Injury Prevention App:  Stretch O’Clock

Contact Information:

Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss how we can help your company prevent and mitigate injuries, boost productivity and save money on workers compensation claims.