Wet Spa Treatment / Wet Spa Treatment

Wet Spa Treatment in Lehigh Valley

Wet Spa Treatment under the Vichy Shower

The Wet Spa Treatment combines all the benefits of a deep exfoliating scrub and the satisfaction of a full body massage with Ayurvedic Oils.  As if that wasn’t wonderful enough it will be topped off with the Vichy Shower… 5 shower heads of the perfect pressure and temperature raining on you.  The Vichy Shower will envelope you and massage you as the water falls from above.  As you are enjoying the amazing feeling of the Vichy Shower it will be rinsing off the scrub leaving your skin feeling beautiful and looking decades younger…. plus the Vichy Shower feels delicious.

And, our very own Damany Center has the only Vichy Shower in the Lehigh Valley.

What is a Vichy Shower?  Imagine being showered with 5 jets of warm water after one of our trained therapists gently exfoliates with a combination of warm milks & our exclusive scrub… followed by a massage using only natural Ayurvedic Oils.

The Wet Spa is More than just a Massage – The immediate satisfaction from a massage is evident as it crosses many senses, loosens many muscles and relaxes your entire body.  But, what is especially wonderful about the Damany Center’s Wet Spa Treatment under the Vichy Shower is that the benefits go much deeper than just the immediate and obvious benefits.

Benefits of our Wet Spa Treatment

Increases the benefits of scrub/oils recently absorbed by skin

Renews appearance of skin & gives healthy glow

Fights off fatigue

Soothes nervous system – reduces stress

Reduced toxins – enhances lymph drainage & strengthens the body’s immune system

Pain relief – due to special scrubs & oils as well as acupressure.

Our Wet Spa Treatment under the Vichy Shower is absolutely glorious. After 45 minutes of this pampering you will leave the Wet Spa feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and feeling years younger. Call us for an appointment today.