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Our Skilled Physical Therapists can Relieve TMJ Disorder Pain by…

Treating TMJ Disorder with Physical Therapy
Performing One-on-One Hands-on Manual Therapy to the Face, Head, Jaw and Neck, and inside of the mouth.  This Manual Therapy will help stretch the jaw to increase movement & to break up scar tissue.

The Physical Therapists might teach you exercises to strengthen the muscles of the jaw and to restore its natural movement.

We might even use other pain therapies such as electrical stimulation and ultrasound to help break up scar tissue and relieve pain.

What Makes Damany Center Physical Therapy Special?

We offer Specialized One-on-One Hands-On Holistic Treatment for Chronic Pain & Musculoskeletal Disorders including TMJ Disorder.

Our approach is holistic, and we assess your injuries to identify all areas involved to develop a comprehensive program addressing the complete range of dysfunction.

We have great success treating TMJ Disorder and getting our patients back to living life pain free.

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Shana Albert