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Our Skilled Physical Therapists can Relieve Pain & Symptoms of Fibromyalgia by…

Treating Fibromyalgia with Physical Therapy
Performing One-on-One Hands-on Manual Therapy … deep tissue massage to relieve pain.  They will also help you to learn to read your pain so you can better manage it from day to day.  Through an Initial Evaluation the Physical Therapist will design a Plan of Care that fits your needs.

Our Exercise Physiologist on staff will provide a personal fitness plan to improve muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, reduce stress and lose weight to help reduce symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

Many people suffering with Fibromyalgia have taken out fitness and exercise from their life completely because they feel they will be in more pain if they move.  Our trained therapists will show you how to put exercise back into your life correctly so that you can greatly improve your quality of life.

We can help you…

*Manage Your Pain
*Reduce Fatigue
*Put Fitness & Exercise Back into your Life
*Improve your Quality of Life

What Makes Damany Center Physical Therapy Special?

We offer Specialized One-on-One Hands-On Holistic Treatment for Chronic Pain & Musculoskeletal Disorders including Fibromyalgia.

Our approach is holistic, and we assess your injuries to identify all areas involved to develop a comprehensive program addressing the complete range of dysfunction.

We have great success treating Fibromyalgia and getting our patients back to living life pain free.

Come in for an evaluation today.

Shana Albert