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For those of you who don’t already know me… my name is Shana and I am the Office Manager & Marketing Manager at the Damany Center.  I have the luxury of working with Suparna and the other super talented Physical Therapists at the Center.  I get to see face-to-face what amazing things the therapists are doing for our patients.

Almost 3 months ago Suparna started the Damany Center’s TheraJuice Program.  The TheraJuice Program is based on a healing through natural food philosophy.  She offers programs for Beauty, Anxiety/Depression, Muscle Strength, Antioxidant, Weight loss, Memory, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Diabetic, Heart Health, Cancer Fighting & others.  But, what makes our program unique is that we can target specific goals… and that we also use exotic fruits and vegetables as well as spices.

After seeing over the past couple of months just how great the patients that were participating in the TheraJuice Program began feeling I thought I would give it a shot.  I didn’t have any major medical issues, but what I did have was a lot of stress in my life.  In the past I had suffered from some depression and even though it had been years since I was depressed I felt like I had a bit of an edge to me and I wanted to reel it in before it took over me. I brought it up to Suparna and she suggested that I start the TheraJuice Program for Anxiety and Depression.  So, I did…. 1 month ago.


My Experience with the TheraJuice Program – 1 Month In


So, I began having a juice every work day morning…. 5 days a week for the past month.  Every morning Calming Therapeutic JuiceSuparna would make me her very own 100% natural, healthy concoctions to treat my issue and to help me reach my goal.  They were chock-full of exotic fruits and vegetables as well as spices.   What I noticed immediately had nothing to do with my stress levels or anxiety…. that would come later.  What I immediately noticed was how delicious the juices were.  They were thick, flavorful and filling.  They were my breakfast at work for the last month.  Everyday was a little bit different…. the drinks were rarely the same twice.   Some had kale, sweet potatoes, apples, berries, avacados… and the spices… oh how I loved the spices.  They were AMAZING!!  There were flavors in the juices that I am not sure I ever tasted before.  My mouth was very happy.  And, that was only the immediate and most obvious reaction to starting the TheraJuice Program.

 Effects after 30 Days on TheraJuice Program

 I feel so much better…. so much more calm.  The edge is almost completely gone.  I feel happier on the inside.  I sleep better at night and I am much more rested when I wake in the morning.  I get up at 5:00 am every work day which is usually quite painful for me… not so much anymore.

I have lost 7 pounds…  This wasn’t something that I was looking to do, but it happened.  It is quite amazing what happens when you start putting super healthy 100% natural food into your body.  Your body just knows exactly how to process it.

I look so much Younger… Again, it wasn’t something I was striving to accomplish when I began this TheraJuice Program, but at 45 years old…. looking younger is definitely on my mind.  I had no idea that Suparna’s juice could do this for me.  I didn’t notice the change myself because I see my face everyday.  But, people must have been noticing because they would mention how good my skin looked.  However, the one moment when I realized it was the juice… was when I saw my sister last week and she said, “you are looking so young lately… do you think it is the juice?”  That was my “Aha Moment”.  Of course, its the juice!!

Shana Albert Beautiful Skin


Give me a call at the Damany Center at 610-351-WELL if you have any questions about the TheraJuice Program and what it can do for you.  Let me set you up with an appointment so you can tell us your goals and we can come up with a program for you to have you meet your goals in no time.

Starting November 1st our Therapeutic Juice Bar will be up and running whenever the Damany Center is opened.  So, feel free to stop by anytime and order a Therepeutic Juice of your choice.  We have many to chose from…. all delicious and 100% Natural.

Shana Albert