Jamie broke both her wrists & arms in a terrible fall.  2 weeks after her first surgery she couldn’t do anything for herself…. find out how the Damany Center helped her.


Jeff suffered with RSI for years.  Doctors didn’t know exactly what to do and he had many painful tests and treatments that didn’t work at all.  He read Suparna’s book which led him to the Damany Center.  Hear about how the Damany Center was able to help Jeff recover and be able to work again.


Written Testimonials

I am doing personal training sessions with Dave for a month now as part of my RSI treatment.  He is the best exercise trainer I worked with.  I had worked with many personal trainers in the past but ended up re-injuring myself.  I was nervous to start the strengthening exercises but after my first session with Dave, I became quite confident.

Dave is very knowledgeable of body mechanics.  His exercises involved total body workout and he really pays attention to form and proper techniques.  He offered me nutrition guidance as well.  He pays minute attention to form while I do my exercises and corrects me;  this has helped me tremendously in gaining the strength without injuring myself.  If I felt any discomfort, he modified the exercises and provided alternatives so I could do them comfortably wile getting a good workout.  His ability to challenge me in spite of my limitations (with shoulder/neck/wrist injury) is amazing.  I highly recommend Dave to people at all fitness levels, especially to those with injuries. Gauri


Like many people, I went to Suparna as a last resort. Having her be my PT was a real benefit because her work is so well known that I trust what she says greatly and for me my experiences with other professionals were often fraught with anxiety, as they either didn’t seem able to help or weren’t particularly on my side (as the worker’s compensation system where I live often facilitates). While working with her, I’ve been able to reduce my pain and my fear and feel much, much more confident that I’m going to be alright. It’s set me up to have a new frame around what I still experience, so I’m feeling good about my health. I started planning my career without having to worry about my RSI foremost. I’m very grateful.   ~Ben L.

!Gracias por toda su ayuda! You are a gift to us all. Carolyn B.

This has been the best healing for me, pain wise and mentally. They treat you like family, not a number like most offices. Rebecca.

I admire your dedication & power to heal. Nusrat.

Words cannot express my deep appreciation for your hands, heart, and words of encouragement. Kurt L.

I finally feel 21 instead of 95! You are awesome. Alexis.

I can smile again! So many thanks! Donna.

Thanks to you I’m playing the violin again. I am deeply grateful for the impact you’ve made in my life. Robin.

Bravo! Now I play the flute forever – thanks to you, with great admiration. Robin.

Proof that all angels aren’t in Heaven. Thanks for the bottom of my heart. Sandy.

When I first got here, I couldn’t be on the computer for more than 5 mins. Cooking, cleaning, opening bottles – someone always had to help me with them. Now I’m constantly writing, playing baseball, even rock climbing. Thank you for giving me back my hands. You are absolutely brilliant at what you do. Jackie.

Thank you for the special education on how to avoid and prevent future pain. Thanks so much for getting my back, back to normal again! Brenda.

The magic of your healing hands has given me new hope and with this hope, a new life begins. Mohsin (UK).

I was devastated when I couldn’t hold a book or phone. Thank you for all your expertise, energy, compassion, and strength to stretch, move, and heal what ails me. Shelley.

Thank you for all the long hours and energy you imparted with your healing touch. Jamie.
You are the 1st that took me by hand and gave me the feeling of not being alone on my way to recovery. Martin.

Merci beaucoup a tout le monde! I feel better with your magical touch. Fathia.
Best treatment in the world. Thank you! Jennifer V.

To the RSI warriors – thank you for appeasing the nerve Gods and for giving me back my life and joy. Alicia B.

Muchas gracias! Keep up the amazing work. Noah B.

“We can heal the world with our own hands”. I am indebted to you for your help, support, and strength. Elizabeth.

You taught me that I don’t have to learn to live with pain. Linda F.

So great to be headache free! Thank you for your wonderful care. Hope J.

And I lived happily ever after… if I do my exercises…yay! Kayla.

The miracle was finding you! Thank you for healing me. Chris.

Thank you so much for helping me with my migraines and teaching me about body mechanism. Ginger K.

Your devotion, care, & superior treatment will never be forgotten or taken for granted. Seth.

My tears of frustration have turned to tears of joy as I drive up here. How much better to have hands that work instead of hands that hurt. Christine.

My feet are in motion, able to run again! Thanks for the healing. Elena.

Thank you for your caring & magic hands. You spared me from surgery. Kathy S.

You have saved my career and given me back my life. I will be forever indebted to you. Terri F.

Vielen, Vielen Dank an euch alle, nach den 3 wochen, die ich bei euch sein durfte, wei & ich viel meht uber meine problem und wie ich sie losen kann ich frene mich dur auf wieder en kommen. Thomas (Germany).

Thanks for everything. Hope when I had little, patience when I lost mine, and always caring. You guys are the best. Jeff.

Thank you so much for teaching me the exercises for life-long health. My neck and back feel soft and loose. My posture is improving. What could be better? Steve.

Surgery was my only option till I came to you. Now no surgery for me! Carpal Tunnel is gone! Paul T.

If it wasn’t for you I would have been lost in pain; a musician who could not play. Thank you for giving me my life and passion back. Meg S.

Thank you Suparna, for bringing hope to someone who thought he had lost everything. You made me a stronger person, both emotionally and physically. I owe my new life to you. Jyot.

Thank you for fixing my broken hand. Jane.

It took years for me to get it wrong, but you showed me how to get it right in months! Thanks! Ken.

After 3 years of doctors & still no relief, I then came to you and now feel like a new person! Kristie F.

“Terima Kasih”…you are so talented and wonderful. Sisko (Indonesia).

I can’t believe you brought me back from the edge of the abyss & saved my career in only 2 months! You are truly masters of your craft. Thank you for everything. Jon.

You are not only extremely capable but also truly caring, which explains your great track record. Take pride in another job well done. Oliver (Iceland).

To be or not to be – healed! You are the light in the darkness. You gave me back my future. I vil altid viere stoerner I mit hoecte. Jimmy (Denmark).