Fitness / Fitness Classes at the Damany Center.

Fitness Classes

Exercise Essentials

Damany Center Fitness ClassA fun class full of strength training, agility, cardio and stretching given by our Personal Trainer, Dave Williams.  You will be introduced to a mixture of different types of fitness moves that show you how to improve your overall fitness…. all while having fun and moving to great music.

When & Where

Damany Center 1st Floor Fitness Room

Monday at 3:00 pm, Wednesdays at 7:00 am, Fridays at 7:00 am
$15.00/class – 1 hour classes.
Small Class of 12 – call the office at 610-351-9355 to reserve your spot today


Gentle Stretching & Breathing

A Yoga based class.  Just like the title of the class says our trainer, David Williams, will be teaching you many gentle stretches and how to properly breathe through the moves.

When & Where

Damany Center 1st Floor Fitness Room

Tuesdays at 5:00 pm, Thursdays at 7:00 am
$15.00/class – 1 hour classes.
Small Class of 12 – call the office at 610-351-9355 to reserve your spot today

Benefits from Taking these classes

*  Straighten Posture
*  Improve Balance & Stability
*  Strengthen Legs & Core
*  Improve Digestive Regularity
*  Have Fun & get in Shape to Great Music – Classic Rock & Pop
*  Meet New Friends


Personal Training


You will Look Better, Feel Better & Be Stronger

Extend your treatment and streamline your recovery by including fitness training.  Training will provide functional strength, coordination and cardio programming in line with your other therapy treatments, in a fun, low pressure and interactive setting.



Dave Williams’ Philosophy 

The body manifests the energies and issues present in the mind and soul.  We are not only employees, we are human beings and we need to appreciate and take care of ourselves as such which means addressing our issues both inside and out.  In this vein, positivity is the name of the game.  We must want to and believe that we can change in order for it to be possible.

Dave Williams’ Education & Experience

*  ACSM Exercise Physiologist
*  PSU Bachelor’s in Kinesiology


*  5 years Mental Health Work
*  1 year General Population Personal Training & Group Exercise Instructor
*  1 year MMA Fighting
*  13 years of Organized Youth Sports
*  Former Youth Football Volunteer Coach
*  Former High School Tutor
*  6 Years Yoga Practitioner

I am doing personal training sessions with Dave for a month now as part of my RSI treatment.  He is the best exercise trainer I worked with.  I had worked with many personal trainers in the past but ended up re-injuring myself.  I was nervous to start the strengthening exercises but after my first session with Dave, I became quite confident….. I highly recommend Dave to people at all fitness levels, especially to those with injuries.  ~Gauri