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Exciting developments at the Damany Center for Chronic Pain and Holistic Well-being …
We are bidding “adieu” to David Williams.
David is Damany Center’s exercise science specialist. He has for three years been implementing our unique approach to healing, and has decided to change careers. He will be moving to an Administrative position at a local municipality. We will miss David, and wish him all the very best in his new endeavor.
As you are well aware, the Damany Center philosophy and approach is very unique and specialized. At the Damany Center, we don’t just fill a position, but we take great care to find the correct fit. Taking Dave’s place as the next Exercise Science specialist will be Eric Witzel.
Eric Witzel has over twenty years of experience in the field, with specialties in rehabilitation, wellness and corporate programs. He brings new ideas to the table, and is currently working with David to allow a seamless transition.
In the coming year, Damany Center plans to increase awareness of injuries – their mitigation as well as prevention, and initiate programs that will have the reach to help many more people than before. Eric will be a key component of this goal.
Damany Center also introduces Amy Garrison, as part of the Physical Therapy Manual therapy team. Amy comes with 15 years experience in manual techniques and continues her growth in the field receiving training in the Damany Integrative Dynamic Approach from me, and has joined Beth Ruhe and myself, as an integral part of our “healing team”.
At our front desk overseeing our administrative functions we are pleased to formally introduce, Jynei Ramirez-Polek, who assumed her duties several weeks ago. She has extensive experience with insurance questions and strengthens our front desk with her personable attitude towards our patients’ billing concerns and scheduling needs.
Thank you to all of you for your consistent trust and support. All of you know how difficult it can be to receive correct help, and we are counting on your participation to spread the message of hope to the rest of the world.
Suparna Damany MSPT, CHT, CEAS
Founder/Owner, Damany Center for Chronic Pain and Holistic Well-being.
November 18, 2019

Krish Damany