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Do I need a Prescription for Physical TherapyThe answer is No.  In the State of Pennsylvania you do not need a prescription or a referral for Physical Therapy for the first 30 days as long as the Therapist has Direct Access.  It’s true… you can be evaluated and treated with Physical Therapy for the first 30 days.  At the Damany Center we have a Physical Therapist with Direct Access ….so you do not need to run to the Doctors to get a referral for Physical Therapy.  Simply, give the Damany Center a call and have us book you for an Evaluation.

At your first appointment one of our Physical Therapists will give you a full evaluation, ask you plenty of questions, come up with your plan of care and begin your first treatment.  We can put that plan of care into action and treat you for 30 days.  If you feel better within that 30 days and you no longer need Physical Therapy…. you may be done with treatment never having to get a script.  If after 30 days we feel you need more treatment… simply get a script from your doctor and have them fax it to us.  It is really that simple.

Please don’t hold off getting Physical Therapy treatment because you feel getting a script will be a “pain in the you know what”.  It really isn’t….. Not at the Damany Center.

Shana Albert