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Damany Center on cover of ADVANCE magazineWe are so excited and proud to say that the Damany Center has the cover shot and the featured article in Advance for Physical Therapy Medicine Magazine.  This is a national magazine and it is a huge deal for us.  We are so proud of what we are doing at the Damany Center that we are thrilled that ADVANCE magazine is helping us spread the word.

The featured article is “Going Their Own Way”.  It is about how Damany Center has left third party reimbursement behind.  And, it is written beautifully.  The article talks about how insurance companies can many times hinder the type of care Physical Therapists can give a patient.  Insurance companies many times put visit limits on patients…. Therapists can’t always fix the issue within these time frames.  Many patients have such a high deductible that once they reach the enormous deductible they only have a few more visits before reaching their limit.  Insurance companies require so much paperwork for each visit that Therapists have to write notes while with their patients… this takes away their quality time with the patients doing what they do best…. treating.  So, Suparna has found that not taking Insurance is actually better for the patients… they get the care they deserve and feel better for it.

Check out the ADVANCE article… amazing pictures and beautifully written.

Shana Albert