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We are so excited to see that The Valley Ledger published a beautiful write-up about our very own Damany Center, “Internationally Renowned Lehigh Valley Physical Therapist, Author, Opens Holistic Wellness Center at Route 222 Corridor“.  Tina Bradford, the author, did a spectacular job at explaining what Suparna Damany does for her patients in the Lehigh Valley and all over the World.

Damany Center

Credit & Thanks to Tina Bradford & The Valley Ledger for photo on this page.


Suparna has been helping people suffering from Chronic Pain find relief and live a life pain free here in the Lehigh Valley as well as all over the World.  And, now with the Damany Center not only can she continue doing this with her trained Physical Therapy staff, but she has the venue to offer so much more in pain relief and wellness such as Massage Therapy, Wet Spa Treatment, Therapeutic Juice Bar, Injury Prevention Programs & so much more.

Thank you once again Tina and The Valley Ledger for helping spread the word of what Suparna Damany and the Damany Center can do for people here and all over the World live life without pain and feel well again.

Shana Albert