Ayurvedic Therapeutic Juice Bar

Ayurvedic Therapeutic Juice Bar

Therapeutic Juice Bar


100% Natural Juices made fresh on the Premises.

We offer many juices suited to help relieve pain, stresses or just rejuvenate you.  And, they all taste delicious!!

And, make sure to stop by the juice bar at your next visit to try the Juice of the Day.


Therapeutic Juice Bar Hours

Monday thru Thursday
10:00 am – 2:00 pm are the Walk-in Hours

All other Days
Call day prior and order what Therapeutic Juice you would like ready for you for the next day.


TheraJuice Program

Hippocrates (460-357 BC), the father of medicine said,
” Let food be the medicine and let medicine be the food”.

There is hardly a health issue or natural bodily process that is not influenced by the foods we eat; food affects cellular behavior, which can lead to health or disease. Research demonstrates that natural foods are miraculous in treating and preventing health conditions. Faced with the growing complexities and crises of modern life, we need to be committed to our well-being and make special efforts to be and remain healthy.

The mission of the Damany Center is to promote good health and well- being, energy and vitality, not just in the short term, but through the aging process. We already provide innovative, holistic, world renowned care for chronic pain syndromes, and house the one-of-a-kind Wet Spa in the Lehigh Valley.
Now, we introduce our Therapeutic Natural Juice program.

As with our other programs, the TheraJuice Program will be individualized to suit YOUR goals. You can choose from


Heart Health
Immunity Boosting
Cancer Fighting
Memory Enhancing and more…

So let’s team up to harness and use the healing and preventive powers of natural foods, and build a healthier society!

Join the TheraJuice Program today!