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Life Changing Experience


We love our positive reviews and our testimonials from our Patients.  We never take them for granted because each and every testimonial is important to us.  We not only want to get our patient’s feeling better, but we want them to be able to do the fun activities they once did…. have fun and live life to the fullest again.  We strive to make their road to a pain free life as pleasant and speedy as possible.  So, hearing that our patients are living happy and full lives makes us beyond thrilled.


I had to mention the latest email we received from a previous patient (In this post I will call her by her initials – A.M.)  Hearing about all the activities that our previous patients can do now is not a new thing, but this particular email really stuck out.  Not only was it a positive testimonial of the treatment Suparna Damany and the rest of the staff at the Damany Center did for her, but this patient decided to change her career path because of her treatment with Suparna and the success that she had from it. Suparna inspired A.M. in many ways. Check out A.M.’s email….

Hi Suparna,

Happy New Year! I hope this message finds you well. You helped me back in 2014 overcome so much RSI pain (and hopelessness) from my work at xxxxx and I am forever grateful.  I can’t thank you enough for all your help. Today I am able to ski, do yoga, type, all the things I thought would always cause me pain. At the time I was told by my physician that I can no longer do those things.

Over the past 2 years, I went through a time of self-discovery and self-reflection. I discovered that I wanted to pursue a life that I would be proud of one day. In doing so, I realized that I was passionate about helping people live healthier lives. I decided to quit my job last year and give it my best chance to apply for a career in physical therapy. I have since been studying and completing the pre-requirements for PT school. I’ve also been volunteering and shadowing at the PT department at Texas Children’s Hospital in medical center.

As you can imagine, you have been a great inspiration to me. Your approach in physical therapy and overcoming injury without surgery gave me hope and planted a seed in me. I hope that one day I can practice like you, and help people that suffer from injuries and overcome the feeling of hopelessness when it comes to finding help. Of all the physical therapists I’ve met and worked with in this past year, you have the best approach and mindset.

As you have left a very big impact in my life …

In all cases, I thank you for helping me lead a healthier life and for the great example you’ve set for me.

Sincerely, Your patient, A.M.

Isn’t that an amazing email?  Due to A.M.’s treatment at the Damany Center she decided to change her career path so she too can help change lives just like Suparna did for her.  I just had to share that with you.  It is truly a reminder of all the good we do at the Damany Center.   I am so proud to be a part of this special place and work with these incredible Physical Therapists.


Shana Albert