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We are so proud of one of our patients who vowed to hike to the top of Kilimanjaro when he felt better…. and he did it!!

Damany Center Flag on top of Kilimanjaro

Our patient Nainesh Patel who as of this time last year was seeing Suparna Damany here at the Damany Center for his chronic pain issues.   His goal was to feel good enough to one day hike to the top of Kilimanjaro.

Goals are great to make…. they can be super motivating especially when dealing with something like the treatment of chronic pain.  It takes a lot of work to come in often for physical therapy… always making time in a busy schedule for those appointments.  And, to make sure despite being in pain to keep moving…To do the exercises that your physical therapist tells you that you should be doing to get better.  But, that is exactly what Nainesh did.

Nainesh worked hard to get well.  This August Nainesh shared with Suparna that he would be taking that trip to Kilimanjaro in September and he owed much of his accomplishing this goal to her.  He said he would love to bring the Damany Center with him on the hike to the top.  And, this he did!!  Nainish took the Damany Center Flag on this long journey to the top.  Take a look at his amazing pictures of his journey.  Let’s all give a heartfelt congratulations to Nainesh on accomplishing his goal to reach the top of Kilimanjaro.

And, let us all remember how important it is to make goals for ourselves…. no matter how big or how small they are…. they always feel so amazing when they are met.  Goals can be the motivating factor in all life’s journies to help us reach our Kilimanjaro.


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Shana Albert